White Rhinos Extinct!

There are only two northern white rhinos remaining in the world and they are both female, effectively rendering the entire subspecies extinct.
The last two survivors, Najin and Fatu, are mother and daughter. They live alone in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, spending their remaining days under close watch and heavy guard. Without this protection, they probably wouldn’t last a day.
After all, just over 50 years ago, as many as 2,000 individuals freely roamed the plains of Africa. But it hasn’t taken long for the population to be completely and utterly obliterated by poaching and habitat loss.
And – when the last male northern white rhino died in 2018 – their chances of survival went from tiny to miniscule.
Now, their only hope is modern science, using IVF and surrogates as a way to reproduce and preserve their genes. It’s a chance – a small one – but there’s every possibility that it won’t work.
And – if it doesn’t – one of the most spectacular, powerful creatures on Earth will be gone forever.
The truth is harrowing: it’s probably too late to save the northern white rhino. But the least we can do is make sure that this heartbreaking cautionary tale doesn’t repeat itself.
Because for the eastern black rhino, another critically endangered subspecies, there is still time.
Like all the world’s rhinos, over centuries their population has been completely battered by poaching. All but around 900 are dead.
But, right now, we are helping to save them.
With your support, FFI is equipping and training rangers to protect eastern black rhinos, making sure patrol teams have boots, clothing, rations, and GPS units – everything they need to focus on their important work protecting these extraordinary animals.
Every single rhino lost is utterly unnecessary; their horns are made of the same stuff as our fingernails, yet people are killing them for it.
Najin and Fatu have already suffered the tragic consequences.

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