About Stop Cruelty

Stop Cruelty helps promote good causes around the world. Our main objectives are to promote causes which 1)Stop cruelty to animals. 2)Stop abuse and cruelty against children 3)Stop the modern slave trade 4) Promote better living conditions for animals and people.We bring links to official charities and also run our own campaigns through volunteering to help combat all manner of cruelty including homelessness, abuse and ignorance towards children, animals and adults. We believe everyone deserves to know the truth. 

We are non political,  our reporting is unbiased. We do not take advertising so no one controls our editorial. Even £5 helps us in our editorial campaign against injustice. We are a not-for-profit company. Brave New World Intl ltd, running a number of free magazine on the internet and have supplied free editorial for over 20 years. Our writers are members of the Institute of Journalism and donate their time. 

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Tel: +44 207 118 6249 stopcruelty@mail.com