City Hearts fighting modern slavery.

City Hearts was founded in 2005 by Jenny Gilpin, with the help of members of a local church, to support women in South Yorkshire with life controlling issues, including addiction and eating disorders. Shortly after, through police referrals, they began supporting survivors of modern slavery.

They have grown rapidly, now supporting hundreds of men, women and families rescued from modern slavery all over the UK. The people they care for are highly traumatised, having suffered terrible exploitation. They offer a range of services from crisis safe houses to long-term support, helping survivors integrate back into society and live independently, in freedom.

In 2018 we partnered with South Yorkshire Police to launch About Face, a programme committed to breaking the cycle of crime. Working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police’s Violence Reduction Unit, we developed two projects, ‘Plan B’ and ‘Forging Ahead’, which work towards creating crime-free futures.

We have two partner organisations that are part of the City Hearts’ International family, City Hearts Africa and City Hearts Netherlands. Both are independent charities operating with the same culture and passion to see lives fully restored.

We continually strive to offer innovative and effective support across the United Kingdom and internationally.
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