The Big Issue?

Help people help themselves out of homelessness by supporting your local vendor and signing up for a subscription to The Big Issue, where every purchase goes towards supporting The Big Issue’s mission to help the most vulnerable people in the UK to improve their lives.

Across the UK, there are a large number of charities working at a local and national level to fight homelessness and help the homeless. These charities provide help and advice for people who are rough sleeping, in temporary, insecure or unsuitable accommodation or at risk of becoming homeless.

Charities have been at the forefront of the response to homelessness and rough sleeping during the Covid-19 crisis. St Mungo’s, Glass Door and a host of other charities across England protect rough sleepers through the government’s Everyone In scheme during the first national lockdown and have continued to help people into long-term homes throughout the year.

Charities have also been central to operations in Scotland and Wales, providing support care and food to rough sleepers protected from the virus in hotels and other emergency accommodation.

Homelessness remains a problem in the UK and charities are at the forefront of efforts to end it for good.
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